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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Running, Mogwai and Running

It's been a busy couple of days, just as well I took them off as vacation days. But back to the grind tomorrow! Yesterday morning continued my week of running with another trail/road run. It was roads up until I get to past Leons and then into the bush to Harvie and up by the 400 to behind Home Depot. Durin this stretch of trail turn a corner and saw a dog coming tearing towards me, but right away I could tell this little guy was not going to be trouble. He was a beautuful light brown colour with white splotches on him, some sort of retriever mix and still just a pup. If a dog could smile he had a grin from ear to ear. I think I took him and his owners by suprise. I had my ear phones in so I couldn't hear anything. Anyway i petted the pup and told him to go back to his owners who were yelling at him to come and turning in the opposite direction, he took off after them quickly.
Back on the run on to Caplan, over to Mapleton and then a side street to Emms where I enter the woods again, into the bluffs to the now all to familiar trails. Back home and a very successful run, a little stiff which I stretched out for a bit and relaxed. A good 11k or so.
After showering and having some lunch it was off to TO to prepare to see Mogwai. This would be my first tiem seeing them and I was expecting nothing short of the best show ever. Lofty goals but I was sure they would be able to meet that.
The show at the Pheonix was supposed to start at 8, but as usual they don't even let people in until 8:15 or so. It was about 9 when the warm up act came on. They were called Old World Vulture, and were very good. AN instrumental band in the vane of Mogwai they put on a very impressive 35 minute performance, made even better knowing afterwards that they had only been called on to be the back up band earlier that day. I was so impressed that I bought their CD, available inthe merch area for only $5. Good deal for good music.
Mogwai finally came on stage sometime after 10, five 30ish balding (except for one) Scotsmen, not big on flashyness or anything like that they just put on a great show. The only one spoke went through the entire Scottish vocablulary, minus the expletives, "Thank you, thank you very much", "Cheers", "right", "How ya Doin tonight", "Alright are ya?".
Maybe thats why they rarely sing.
Overall the almost two hour show was amazing, with a stand in drummer (las minute family committments). I usually start checking my watch during shows that are not quite as good as I was expecting. Not here, I was surprised to see what time it was whent he show was over. Great stuff!
Wednesday night and the usual run club thing. And the suaul crew was all back together after vacations etc. I had the intention of just running an easy run as this was the 6th day in a row of running for me and I had been a little sore. So We started (all of us) easy , but gradually the usual suspects took off and I was happy to sit back and run with Roger, Rick and Peter. We regrouped at the top of Crestwood and the same scenario repeated itself. As we hit Grove I had left Rick, Roger, Peter and Dr. John behind. On Johnson I passed Rhonda and Theo. And on Georgian passed Sean and Greg. On Duckworth I saw Aiden go straight in stead of the normal route down Rose. I knew that Brendan was the only one in front now, but he was no where in site. On Rose coming to St. Vincent I could see him in the distance at least half a k ahead. He went up Rose further than I did as i turned the normal route down Davidson and through the park to Owen whihc is where I caught up to Brendan. We finished together.
It ended up being a tempo run and I felt great, it must have been the blue ultra fast Nike shorts, streamlined holes and all. The best fast run I had had in a long time 11.5k in jus over 52 minutes. I was a little sore at the end, but a little stretching (actually a lot) and i was feeling good later. A very successful run. And a nice way to finish my short vacation.
Back to work today, bah!!

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