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Monday, April 25, 2011

Another nice day for a run

I wasn't sure what the expect this morning run wise. The forecast was for cooler temps (11C) and sunny so it might be nice, but compared to yesterday it may feel cool. Also I had no idea what kind of distance I would do. I knew Theo had planned on 28k along the rail trail so I would tag a long and turn around at... whenever, as it is an out and back anyway.
Met up with the usual crew minus Roger who was stil in Cuba!!! There were few others missing too as it was Easter Sunday (Other than chocolate I don't know what all the fuss is about).
So it Theo, Nancy, Terry and myself and it was a nice day for a run, and very uneventful. Terry and Nancy turned around at about 10 - 11k and me and Theo at about 12k. The run back was a little harder as, as usual, I stiffened up on the right side. The pace was a bit quicker than I had been running all weekend and after a weekend of running it was taking its toll. I finished and Theo went on to do another 4k. So it was 24k in about 2:07. Slow for historically, but too fast for the injured me.
I spent the rest of the puttering around the house doing stuff, like puttign the snowblower away (I hope that is not a bad thing to do). To put it away I had to get all the yard furniture out of the shed. So it was a busy time. Later I stretched and tried to loosen up the soreness in the hips. I may have to succumb and make another physio appointment.
Today (Monday) was going to be the last of 4 days of running long, but after yesterday I thought, maybe a rest is what I need. But I woke up this morning feeling really good and I think I will get out for a trail run, I may even wear the vibrams on the trails for the first time.
Also this morning came a cross an article in Runners World's trail edition that talked about hip and back pain, describing my pains to a tee. One of the suggestions they came up with was using a Sacro Wedgy. It was actually something I had looked at in the past. So I searched it on google and went to the website and did some reading etc. With in 20 minutes I had ordered one. I figured I've wasted more money on less in the past so lets give it a try. Stay tuned!!

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