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Monday, April 18, 2011

Recovery Days

I was planning on running on Sunday, but with the weather forecast not much better than Saturdays and colder I thought, "I don't need to do this", so I didn't. In the afternoon I got a call from a reporter for the Barrie Examiner who wanted to talk about the RoadRunners, so I told him everything I know and then some. I didn't think to ask about whne or if the article would appear as I don't subscribe to the paper. Oh well that was that. The rest of the day was a matter of hobbling around and I couldn't even do any yoga moves as my knees were swollen and rather sore.
Today was a busy day with meetings at work which included some delicious pizza. I had to leave that one early to head downtown for a meeting with Toronto Hydro at 2:30, who the hell would schedule a meeting at that time of day. It finished at 4:10 so it was going to be a rough ride back to Barrie. On the subway to Yorkdale, then in the car and low and behold the traffic was almost good. Got home at just after 6 and heated up some left overs to get into before 6:30 as I have to fast for 12 hours for my blood tests tomorrow morning. My not quite annual physical comes up next week. Also got an email confirming a work trip upto Sudbury later this week which will include a helicopter ride to view some assets on the Mississagi river, exciting stuff.
On my way home I bandied about the idea of going for a run and as the next couple of days were calling for mre crappy weather I thought I might as well get out tonight as it was just cool and pleasant. So at seven I went out for a mix of road and trails, to Morrow Rd, and up past Leons throught ot Caplan, Mapleton and down into the Ardagh bluffs and back home a nice 11.5k and I felt good through out, glad I went especially when I saw an owl, I grabbed my phone to take a picture but it was long gone.
On this run I started to think about Saturday's run and pull out some of the positives. Well one was that I finished, it was a lot of time on feet, learning to change my perspective in a race after some bad times. You know that when things are badm they will change and get better, at least they should as that is what I have read. The final positive I thought of, but didn't think about on Saturday was the fact that I was eating on the run, something that I haven't been able to do up to now. Over all it was a very good learnign experience.

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