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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Year End and Next Year

2013 is fading away into the sunset now and with 2014 fast approaching it time to reflect and look forward.

2013 was probably one of my most eventful running years if not most successful. The main part of which was the Midwest Grand Slam. Four one hundred milers over the summer. I had a blast doing it after being very apprehensive before hand. Each race was different and I have great memories from each. I also met a great bunch of other runners from across the States. I'm sure we will run into each other at other races over next few years.

My only disappointment was "only" completing 100k at O24, but still it was a good warm up run for some of the runs I had planned later. Also didn't get into WS100 again for the third year in a row! Maybe next year.

Finished the Ultra year with a good run at the Vermont 50 mile run. As I write this though I still have a 10 miler to do tomorrow. The Hamilton Boxing day 10 miler, which I only decided to do yesterday. The oldest race in North America I believe.

It looks like next year is shaping up nicely, although as usual I don't have enough holidays or money to do everything I'd like to. A 10 day trip to Florida to get away from this winter starting nice Monday will eat into my holidays a bit. Otherwise race wise:

Snowshoe Marathon in Vermont at the beginning of March, followed by the Green Jewel 50k a week later 4th year in a row for me). A return trip to O24 in April. Helping out Gary at Western States again in June and probably another go at Vermont 100 in July. That will be after a trip to England to see Victoria graduate from Northumbria University.
September will be busy as I have signed up for both Haricanna 50 mile in Quebec and two weeks later The Bear 100 in Utah to finish the year off.

There maybe others I have missed or have yet to find out about, but we shall see...