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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Second Day of a Running Weekend

I was a little apprehensive about todays run for a number of reasons; it was the day after a tough run yesterday, I was still stiff and sore last night, the route I had planned wasn't easy and had more road running than I would have liked, but...
So I took my time this morning, I had no one to meet and could go anytime, it was a little dreary looking this morning and had rained during the night. The forecast was for it to clear and get rather balmy. We shall see! Anyway by about 10 I was ready and off I went after getting some laundry and dishes started. I'm glad i didn't wear too much as it was rather warmer than expected. It was similar start to yesterdays run, down by the swamp, across Ferndale and into the bush. Instead of heading into the subdivision after about half a k I turned right and followed the trail to where I knew it would get steadily more mucky. In past years the water levels had been low so you could almost get through with out getting your feet wet, although I managed to stay dry for the most part through here it didn't stay that way for long. Before the rail tracks it was a sea of water and only one way through, so in I went calf deep and it was cold. I got the tracks and figured the other side would be dry, but no it was more of the same. Oh well it is early and my feet will dry.
After this it was road for a while till the pipeline crossing on Miller. I had to make a decision here, follow Miller upto the top of the hill, and its a big one, or follow the pipeline, still the same hill, but dirt (or more like sand). I followed the pipeline and walked most of it, it was about time for a walk break anyway. Past the dumpI went into the woods and decided to follow a different path, the Nine Mile Portage was signed on trees so I decided to follow it, but the signs are very infrequent and I had to guess a few times. I guessed the right way and came out to the road I needed to get to. Another 2k road stretch before heading into the woods again. Muddy in spots and pools of water here and there to circumnavigate. Down into a ravine and admired the view for a bit. A big old tree on a hill looking very lonely by itself, but very majestic too. Something you see in pictures in a magazine, very nice. I continued on, but instead of taking the high road, you got it, I took the low road knowing that it would come out at Seaton road. up Seaton a short jog to the other side of the trail and this is where it got interesting. This was all new ground for me and I thought I could just wing it. Well after many deadends and trails leading up to "NO TRESSPASSING" signs I kept turning back and ended following a long climb up to an area that was marked and so I followed it. Turns out the No tresspassing signs were for a private golf course, so it wouldn't have been an issue. But better safe than sorry. Eventually I came to an area I recognised and followed it the end of a road, but not before slipping on a plank and ending up in the mud. Ouch that hurt the left knee. It was at this point I noticed the right knee with bloody scratches all over it, ok so they're balanced now. Down the road to Snow Valley Rd and to the east a bit before heading into a new subdivision where the trail picks up again, but where is it, I followed it to the creek but where is the crossing? Oh well I'll just go down and cross over and see if I can find the trail, which I did easily, but still couldn't locate the creek crossing.
This next section is nice single track and the trees are close in. It was quiet and got me to Wilson Drive across from Springwater Park. I was thinking of going on into the park, but decided to sit and relax for a few and enjoy the sun, it was nice and invigorating.
The run back was rather un eventfull, more hills and missed the wrong turns this time. When I got to the end of the road at the north end of the dump area, I decided to just follow the trails straight through as I knew they would come out at the top of Miller. The only problem is that it is like a roller coaster, a big one (see picture).
On Miller Drive I decided to cut through the Hydro right of way to Dunlop, which actually adds a bit of distance, but oh well. along Dunlop to Ferndale to the swamp walk way and back home. I struggled the last few k, although I think most of it is mental. I was a little sore in the right glute and hamstring as usual, but otherwise a good day. 29.5k in 3:06:49.

More to come!

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