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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Long Time Between Posts

Unfortunately updating the blog at work is no longer an option, at least for now. The new job is keeping busy most of the time and I don't think they'd appreciate me using their time to update it. So what has been happening?
well the Pick You Poison race didn't go exactly as planned. a driving thunderstorm that started about 5 minutes in and slowed down to just a lot of rain, made for some muddy conditions. Each 12.5k loop got steadily worse and a lot of the 50k runners dropped out after 2 loops, I did finish most of the 3rd loop, but walked most of it. the muddy trails were barely passable. Less than half the starters finished. Oh well, there was no point in pushing to hard as Ottawa is coming up this weekend. I have no expectations for this race, I would like to get in around 3:15, but we'll see. I'll only run on wednesday this week and just rest up.