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Monday, April 11, 2011

First Trail Run of the Year.

Put my new Sportiva Raptors on and out the door I went for the first trail run of the year. Although it was very windy out and not as warm as it was, one of the many good things about trail running is the wind has little effect on the run. As was today's run. The first part of the run past Ferndale was very wet dodging mega puddles was a challenge and much mud was stepped in. After crossing Ardagh and getting into the more wooded areas, snow was more visible, actually it was more like ice. The trails were definitely soft and cushy and it was a change to run the hilly trails which felt very good and challenging. Surprisingly I only came across one person and his dog on the trails, and the dog kept his ground. I had a laugh at the guy walking his dog with beer in hand. soem of the trail where there was less exposure to sunlight etc. deeper in the bush ahd a lot more snow on them, but they were still runable. The biggest obstacle were the various trees down here and there. But it was a good run except for switching the garmin off part way through and forgetting to switch it back for about 3k. Oh well. 13k, in about 1:15. The start of a long season of trail running.

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