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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ontario Ultra Series Warm up Event

Well today would be a test of my recently gimpy left calf and how well I could pace myself. It was the Ontario Ultra Series Spring Warm Up event and it would by my first time attending this informal fun run. I thought this would be a good chance to see how I'm doing on what was advertized as a rather hilly run. Hilly was an understatement!
I picked up Catherine and Bill up at 7:30 and off we went west to Dunedin. I thought Dunedin was a place in Florida where the Bluejays play in the spring, but this Dunedin (tiny place) was established in 1834 according to the sign on the way in. It should be noted that the village is in a valley and the only way out is up!!! We got there early and mingled with some of the other early arrivals, talked to a few that had done Burning River last year So talked to them, one lady Sharon Zelinski said that she didn't like the fact that she had never chafed as much in her life and in as many places either. The humidity was what caused it for her, and others. Myself I chaf less in the humidity as I sweat so much it aacts as a lubricant, so...

Anyway the race got off to a late start (only by a few minutes), but off we went down the main street, before turning up, and I mean up the first left, we climbed, more or less for 2k, a few quick downhills thrown in for good measure too. I ran with Bill and Catherine for a bit, but kept leaving them behind so I would double back to them and do the same again over and over for a bit. We were probably the last few on the course at this point. Eventually we would turn left again on a "road" that was not maintained in the winter and there was still lots of snow on it, about part way through on this road I was thinking maybe I should have worn trail shoes today. Oh well too late now.

Out of a small ravine we came out of the snow to continue on what was now a dirt road, this took us to County Rd. 9 and another climb to the Noisy River trail (part of the Bruce Trail). this was also mostly snow covered, slightly muddy and down hill to start. The downhill was rather tricky as it was slippery. down to the Noisy River and over a small wooden walking bridge. The other side of the trail went straight up a icy/snowy hill. There were a number of us at this point and we were scrambling which ever way we could to get up the hill, at what we thought was the top it was just snow covered. THe hill continued on around the corner and we climbed some more before coming to a break in the trail where another non maintained road cut across. At this point there is a choice follow the trail or turn right on the "road". everyone in front was taking the trail so I followed. This turned out to be the tougher of the 2 alternatives and regretted it to a certain degree, yes it was very pretty back there, but the snow was bothering my calf and I thought I was going to do some damage. It took along time to get through the trail with people walking in front when it didn't seem necessary, and you couldnt pass. if it wasn't snowy it was icy. Eventually we came out on another small road and followed this to larger road. This last road flowed downhill steepily for about 3k to Dunedin again. Again I was afraid of going to fast down the hill and doing damage to my calf. But it held up alright. I stopped quickly in the community centre for a pee and some munchies, there wasn't much else to eat. A hand ful of chips and I was off, I grabbed a Lara bar out of my camelback and ate it as I started the second loop, again more of the same except the wind was getting stronger. At the decision point on the Bruce trail I opted for the road. It was staright up for about 1k so a walk break was welcomed, but even walking up it was tough. I turned on the townline and followed it to the last road back to the community centre again. The townline was good, a rolling dirt road and other than the lady walking her dogs, that weren't to friendly, whats it take to carry a leash and put them on it when you see someone, or even to call your dog to you when it is barking 3 inches from my leg. This was a quiet run.
After the 2nd loop I figured I had at least another loop in me and decided to change tops, getting off the sweaty stuff and to fresh clothes make a big difference. Other than a bit more walking the third loop was again uneventful, hardly saw a sole out there, thought I'd take a road which I wasn't sure would get me to where I was going (it didn't), so had to turn back. Finally finished with 41k under my belt, feeling good after 5 + hours. A rather successful day. Bill and Catherine finished 2 loops and seemed happy with that.

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