STRAVA Summary

Sunday, December 18, 2011

No Western States

So I didn't get picked in the Western States 100 lottery, which is what I expected, so no great loss there. Maybe next year. But watching the podcast of the lottery live, sort of left me wondering, is it possible to get into the race at all. Out of 89 Canadians in the lottery only 4 got in, and only about 8 international runners. Pretty dismal prospects for non US runners. But maybe it will be better next year. I've read many different opinions about how the lottery should be changed or the application/qualification process should be different. One that I agree with is that to qualify you must have at least have completed one 100 miler. The present system of allowing 50 miler runners in just isn't helping to allow 100 milers a chance to get in. A race that is in such high demand should only be accessible to those that have completed a 100 miler. Well thats my thoughts about that. On the injury front, things are definitely improving. The bursitis in the heel is, while still there, much better. It has become manageable and not a bother when I run. I feel better when I'm running and I've noticed that I'm running a little stronger. I think the strength work is having an effect. I've also started running on Monday nights now too, weather depending. So the mileage will start to get longer now. After New Years I'll start running on Saturdays too and running lots of hills. I may be ready for Green Jewel in March yet, but will I realize I'm ready before it sells out. Now that I now Western States is a no go, what next? I might look at the Niagara 100k, but running on pavement for that kind of distance and on 3 out and backs may be a little mind numbing. We'll see! I also have to make arrangements for the annual run to Orillia and back. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll have a better idea as to what I'll be trying to do next year.