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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blogging by Blackberry, a first for me

Well, my 'puter is down and getting some attention from the IT guy here at work. So I have some free time and thought that maybe I can blog from my phone, so here goes and excuse any errors.
Yesterday was a gorgeous day, so I thought that a run from home to the Running Room would be a good idea. My calf had been feeling good since the trail run on Monday so I was willing to give it go. Hey blogging from my phone is actually good as it does spell check etc. Where as blogging from the computer directly doesn't and with my spellin, that's a good thing.
So off I went at about 5:45pm albeit without my phone to listen to tunes as I couldn't find my ear buds! Oh well. Off through the subdivision over to Ferndale. Yes it is very nice out, just a t-shirt and shorts, but still wearing gloves. Yes I am a wimp when it comes to my hands. They get cold really easy. I thought I may have to take them off, but I didn't throughout the run. Running north was a little cool, but once I turned with the wind at my back it was warm. Surprisingly I didn't get down to the RR until about 6:25, just in time to have a pee. Almost 7k at this point and feeling good. We started again, now all ten of us, Rog, Terry, Rick, Hellaina, Chad, Bryan, John, Peter, Bill and me. I had talked them into doing the long Tiffin rte so that I could cut off to homewhen we got to Tiffin and Ferndale. So ran out to Wellington, over the 400 and on to edgehill, still feeling good, but some if our group were pulling ahead. When we got to Ferndal on Edgehill Roger, Hellaina and John took the short rte back! So we continued on and on Miller a few took off again, but I hung back with Rick who is still in recovery mode from running St.Louis this past weekend. On tiffin we regrouped at Ferndale which was my cue to turn right and head home, so after wishing Boston bound Bill good luck I ran the remaing couple of kilometres home and finsihed feeling good. A successful 16.76k averaging a 5:02 pace. A good days run!

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