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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Recovery "Long" run

Another Sunday morning and off to the Running Room for a run with the usual suspects, but I was sure today I wouldn't see much of them. After 41k yesterday I was going to take it easy and just do my own thing and it wasn't long before they were disappearing into the sun... rise I guess, not sunset like the cowboys do. Alan stuck with me I was going more his pace around about 5:15 - 5:25 pace. At 5k I took a break and I guess it too long for Alan as he took off. I think he figured I would catchup and probably would have, but the call of nature required that I water the brush. We went out to the 5/6th side road and back around with the intent of coming back on Georgian Dr., but I found the wind irritating again and as everyone else but Alan were just a blip on the horizon, I figured 16k would be good enough today and headed back down the first line. I assumed I'd run into others on this popular route, but know one was to be seen, just me and all my friends today. I looked behind at one point and saw that Alan had doubled back and followed me, but I wasn't going to stop and wait at his point. Just get back and get it done. And that was how it ended, short and sweet 16k. Felt ok, maybe a little tired.

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