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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A good Sunday Run

I was a little apprehensive this morning, not sure what t expect from my calf, but at the same time thinking that if I took it easy I would be ok. I met up with Roger, Terry, John, and Alan and started on a nice easy pace. Gradually letting the rest pull ahead except for Roger who was quite happy to lag behind with me. Roger has also been dealing with a few calf problems so I was in good (or bad) company, well misery loves company!
we ran out to the 5th/6th similar to last week and it was a very pleasant morning for a run, not too warm and definitly not cold like it has been. We turned up the 1st line and headed towards the highway and were running along at a decent pace, but taking a break at each 5k point. We changed up the plan a little approaching the Gore Rd., and decided to head that way to hwy 93 before heading back into town. I wasn't too worried about distance, it was about getting in a decent run pain free. By the time we got to 93 it was raining more steadily, which felt good as we both like running in the rain. Onto Georgian Drive, past the hospital and down Duckworth to Rose headed back on various roads to finish 21k in about 1:52 feeling none the worse for wear albeit a little soggy.
About 3/4 of the way trhough our run, Roger joked about that he can just see us a bout 50 yards from the store and we'll have a crack of thinder and it will down pour on us. Funny thing is he wasn't far off. About 50 yards to go and there was a bit of lightning and thunder, but the rain just stayed steady. A good run today. Made me feel confident for my trail race next week. Get to try out my new Sportiva Raptor trail shoes tomorrow. Hopefully the trails are clear, at least somewhat.

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