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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Busy Weekend

After taking Thursday off, it was time to get back at it. So Friday at the Running Room we decided to run the long Tiffin route. Funny thing about this route is before the days of Garmins etc. we used to call this run about 14k. Turns out it is about 11.5k, no wonder we were running such a great pace back then!!
Anyway Roger, Rick, Brian, Brendan and myself (did I miss someone? its been 3 days and my older mind doesnt remember things as well as I used to) took off at the usual casual pace (ahem). By the time we hit Edgehill we were moving at a good pace and all of our group were together. Another funny thing was that Roger and myself were in front, not that we are competitive at all!!!
On Miller I looked at my watch and realised we were doing a 4:30/km, WHAT! But it felt good. Instead of slowing down we kept at it and if nothing else picked it up. Finised with an average of 4:40/km. So much for a nice easy run, as I had a longggggg run on Saturday morning. But it felt good.
After Fridays run I was a little concerned for my Saturday run, I was looking at a 5 hour run. I had to get this run in and as early as possible prior to driving to Sudbury for Joans first half Marathon (more on that later).
So I got up at the usual weekday time of 6:30 and was out the door by 7. I'll keep this as short as possible as it ended bing about 46k. I added miles on before I even started as I changed the route a bit. From home to Edgehill, Miller, Hwy 90, the Ivy route and back along the 10th, into town on Huronia etc., etc. I planned on 5 hours, but wasn't sure on the distance and it turned out to be 4 hours and 40 minutes and 46.5k. But more importantly I felt great, I walked when I needed too and ran good, not much soreness and felt like I could have gone on for a while. A very successful run.
After a shower and some lunch, we packed up and off we went. An uneventful drive up that was free of traffic issues etc. and although we were hoping to see some wild life all we saw, unfortunately was a dead bear cub on the side of the hwy. The expo was very small as expected, we checked into the Fairfield Marriott and then walked up to Boston Pizza for dinner. For a change I was able to drink or eat what ever I wanted and after my run earlier, I figured I had earned it.
The morning of the race was slightly over cast and about 5C with a slight breeze, we met up with friends Larry and Ken Henson. Larry was also doing his first half, ken had done lots. I was the official cameraman. The race got started and I raced over to the 5k mark and got there in time to see the leaders pass by. Larry and Ken went through with smiles in their faces, although Larry was having trouble with his breathing as he was still getting over a bad chest cold. Joan wasn't far behind and said she was feeling good. At the next stop I watched Ken and Larry go through although now Larry was behind Ken, but then I watched as a train blocked the route for a couple of minutes, there were a few disgruntled runners for sure, I wa sjust hoping Joan wasn't one of them. After the train cleared the held up runners almost sprinted back on course, but Joan wasn't one of them. She came through a few minutes later, obliviouse to the train. Still feeling good at this point.
I drove over to Falconbridge and set up to take more pictures at the 13 - 14k mark. Ken was well ahead of Larry at this point and Joan follwed a few minutes later. This was tough part as it was directly into a strong wind and all three seemd to be hurting a bit. Joan commented that she was feeling a little tired. From here I went to the finish area. Ken had a strong run finishing in 1:43 and Larry also did well finishing in 1:49.
I was thinking Joan would be in at about 2:05 - 2:10, but was surprised when she came around the corner just over 2 hours. A great finish and all with a smile. Awesome run Joan, Some would give the right arm for a 2:01 finish, so be proud as I am.
Another fairly early morning this morning to get us home from Sudbury to Barrie. We got home at about 11:30 after again an uneventful drive, we stopped to take pictures once and were planning on more, but it can be difficult to pull over.
After lunch and voting I went for a run again although this one was rather lack lustre and I struggled through out of this 15.8k mix if oad and trails.

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