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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Now?

Yesterday during my run near the end I felt tightness in my left calf. I brushed it off and continued even though I knew it was still there Well today it came back again, but earlier in the run, actually right off the start. I think it was from running downhill on Mapleton, a bitch of a hill to run up, but probably worse to run down. Today I ran to the Running Room and then a short run with the group before heading home again. Once I got to the Running Room I thought that may be it, but once we got going up Owen it actually felt good, all the way up the hill it was good. As soon as we finished the hill we were going down and it started to hurt a little again. I turned arpund after a while back to the Running Room in a walk, run, walk motion. Before heading home in the same manner. Now that I sitting down I have iced it and now I am icing it. Let hope it just needs a little rest and attention.

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