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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is Sping Really Here

Yesterday was a really nice day after it finally warmed up a bit and the rain stopped, but today promisses to be even better with a high of 13C. Although its a rather chilly -1C right now. Yesterday was a good day for a run and I decided to run from home to the Running Room and then run with the group. So i left about 5:45 and headed to Ferndale through the subdivision and then up to Edgehill, towards Anne and over the 400, Straight along Dnald and to the Running Room via Ross. A good 7k to start. I was quite warm, but didn't feel overlly dressed, 2 layers and a vest on top and shorts. It feels so good wearing shorts. I was sweating profusely when I was in the RR and expected to feel the cold when I went out side again, but it wasn't bad.
Oh yeah, I was finally able to download some apps to my phone and got Slacker Radio back, so used my phne to listen to music for that first 7k, Mogwai Radio, Awesome!
The second part of the run was the "Owen loop" with Rog, Rhonda, Rick, Terry, John, John, Hellaina and Aiden. It was a good run and the group soon split into the different pace group after hitting Otttaway. Ran with Rog the whole way after that and felt fairly good. The odd break here and there definitly helps the glute and hammstring. It was so nice to run in nice conditions. Finished for a total of 17.2k, averaging 5:02 pace, with the stops. Still faster than I need too. But a good day. Today will be a rest day even as the temperature gets upto 13C!!!! woohoo! I will do my exercises and Yoga tonight.

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