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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cool and Windy Run

Back at the busy running weekends I guess. Friday night was a 10k run with the usual crowd from the Running Room, minus Theo who is still licking his wounds. He didn't miss much, it was a run to Thunder bridge and back and unfortunately the back part is into a very cool wind. after a day when the temperature flirted with double digits, the temps started to head south just before our run and we felt it coming back. And then had a miserable fat lady try to run me off the road, because she didn't think we should be on it. Meanwhile there was no one but her on the road. We gave her our two cents worth. Got back and just couldn't get warm. Had a headache and decied we weren't going to go to the St. Paddy's party at Scott and Zoe's. I had to get up and run again in the morning anyway.
Fast forward to this morning and I got up early enough to be out the door by 8:15 and off I went to who knows where. It was cold this morning especially if you ran into the north. I had my phone with me and had a podcast downloaded to listen to, Dirt Dawg, Sounded interesting, a guy who does ultras, but unfortnately in this epsiode he mainly talked about basketball (not my favourite topic at all), eventually I switched it too Slacker Radio and put on the Mogwai channel. Great stuff. I ran to County Rd. 27 off Ardagh and then south up THE hill. After I passed Mapleview I looked to the right and saw what I thought was a deer in the farmers field about 200 m away, it noticed me and looked and when it turned to face me I realised it wasn't a deer but a large coyote and it watched me until I was gone. I turned on to Salem Rd. and had a cross wind, but at least it is mostly sheltered along there. After a while I noticed my hip/hamstring/glute starting to act up again. I guess I was not taking enough walk breaks and maybe going a little faster than I needed to, especially by myself. After 22k it was more of a challenge, but finished 27.8k in 2:34 for about a 5:34/km pace. Still way faster than I need to.
Tomorrow is supposed to be another 27k with the group, but I will try and not push the pace. I would have pastoed the map of the route I did and the elevation profile, but the Garmin had a problem downloading for some reason. Maybe tomorrows will instead. Hopefully it is warmer too.

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