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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Difficult Day

Yes it has been a difficult day, a stressful one. If there was one thing to look forward to it was my run after work. Hopefully it would help me unwind.
I ran my usuall Tuesday run, a hilly first half and it actually was good, felt smooth. I didn't rush it at all, but was still moving along at a good pace. If there was a down side it was when I was finished the last hill, my phone connection couldn't pick up Slacker Radio, and although I kept stopping to check it wouldn't connect, so I ran the rest of the run sans music. No big feat since I never used to run with music, but I'm getting used to it to. Anyway finished a little slower than usual for this route, even though it was a nice day, unless you ran into the wind. I ran into it down Mapleton, holy shit was it cold. Not quite shorts weather yet, but getting there. Today it is supposed to be up to 7C so maybe, just maybe... Looks like the trails are going to be a few weeks away yet. The ones I've seen are still very icy looking. Till tomorrow!

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