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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Second of the Double Long Runs

Sunday always comes too quickly and this one was no different, but after yesterdays "long" run I was feelign pretty good. I don't prepare fo r long runs like I do for races and I think subconciously that I try to do everything wrong in training so that the races are easier. Not sure if this works, but what the hey!!! I used to stay away from milk like the plague on running days, but through that out the window years ago. This morning it was a bowl of Vector cereal. I'm addicted to cereal and could eat it anytime. So cereal and a cup of tea and tiem to get dressed in my running gear. This time of year is dificult to figure out what to wear, the temperature swings and changes in conditions are like the mood swings of menopausle lady (no offence meant). All ready I headed off to the Running Room to meet up with the usual suspects.
Theo didn't want to do more than 8k and we planned on going up Sunnidale to start and that was out of the question for him. So Roger, Rhonda, Alan and myself headed off to do about 27 to 30k. I was a little concerned about running with a group again as I would have to do the odd walk break to maintain my health. We started off on Sunnidale and into Vespra, stopping for our first walk break at the corner to Barrie Hill Farms a little further than I would have liked, but I felt good at this point. The rolling hills upto Seaton Road followed and we stopped for our first gels at this point. Seaton Rd. has a good down hill followed quickly by a "good" up hill. I stipped at the top of the downhill for a quick bio break and then had to catch up to the others. They stopped a the top of the hill and we regrouped. Still feeling good we climbed the next hill towards Anne St. where we turned right to go back into Barrie.
Back in town we bobbed and weaved through the side streets coming out on Cundles near Duckworth, under the highway (hate that little hill) and then through the college to Cook and again via smaller streets to Johnson. At Johnson and Steel, Roger, Alan and Rhonda turned left as I turned right to head back. We were at 26k at this point and Roger said it was 2k straight back, so 28k would be good for me. Low and behold it was actually 3.6k so my final tally was 29.6k in 2:47 minutes for about a 5:40/k pace. More like what I want, but considering it was only 30k and I have a lot further to run yet. This was a 100k week so that was good, more than I thought I was going to get in so I have to be pleased with that. What does the next week hold? It may be up to mother nature, hopefully she will cooperate because she hasn't at all this winter. Hope your running is going well!!

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