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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Day another Longish run

So I was messing about with the idea that I should run to the Running Room tonight and then do the regular run, which isn't anything new, but with the weather the way its been I've been easily persuaded otherwise. So on my way home from work I figured to hell with the weather I'm going anyway. So about a quarter to six I head off on my extended route to the RR, via Ferndale and Edgehill its ends up being about 7k there. Today though the wind was in my face the whole way and it felt cold. I didn't feel bad running just cold, and then to top it off, Hellaina shows complaining about how warm it is. I explained to her that she ran with the wind at her back and may find it different running in the other direction.
So a larger than normal group of us headed out INTO the wind towardsthe east, along Kempenfelt Dr. and up Crestwood/ I was feeling good at this point and knew I shouldn't be going as fast as I was, but as usual ignored myself. By the time we got the top of Crestwood I was tired and knew I would have to slow down, but did I? Noooooo, after we got going again we regrouped and wasn't until we got to Georgian and Johnson that I knew it was going to be a tough run back. I backed off and waited for Peter to catch up and ran with him. Peter used to be a very, very fast runner, but suffered a stroke a few years ago and has taken a long time to recover. He has logically looked at his running differently and now runs for comfort not speed. I found his pace a little too slow, but kept with him the whole way back. The last couple of k were a bit of a struggle, but ended up with 18.4k avergaing about a 5:15/k pace.
Thinking about the weekend already and what I'll do. Looking at looonnnggg run on Saturday and a map picked out, 40k or so, but very slow with lots of walking.

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chris mcpeake said...

Nicely done,
the weather is suddenly sucking ,,, Again