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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Good Run

So it must be Tuesday. Finished another busy day at work getting a report ready for Toronto Hydro and found I was a little early, so lets get off to home and get my run in, wolf down some dinner and off to the movies to see the new movie by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost "Paul". Not all of it worked out quite that easily.
Got home and got ready, I was hungry so I had to have a quick bite nad settled on a toasted almond butter and jam sandwich. Got dressed and off I went. Again deciding what to wear wa an issue, almost as bad as a womend going out for the night. Anyway decided to over dress as it seemed rather cold out, and yes I was over dressed! There was a cold wind from the east, but not too bad. I climbed up my street to Ardagh and then towards Essa before turning up into the subdivision and the start of a series of hills before I made my way to Ferndale and across Cumming (nice name for a street). Cumming has the hardest hill on the route, but it is also the last one. For some reason today, and it is good, I felt like I was floating as I was running. Not all the time, but I'd look down and feel like this was easy. Maybe it was all the breaks I got at the start of my run. I was trying to get soem podcasts to listen to on my phone as I ran, I had downloaded some earlier and tried to get them started, the first one was called Endurance Planet, so I thought that would be good, but started it and find out it has two things I can't stand; its mostly about Ironman and it is Austratlian (gags)! Both are so into themselves and arrogant... I just hear Australian accents and I immediatley wnat ot shut off. SO that wasn't an option, all the other ones I tried were crap too.
Settled for and eventually got working Slacker Radio and the Mogwai Channel again and the soothing feelings settled in again, LOL!
The run contiued very well the run up the hill on Cumming was difficult as usual but walked a bit at the top and had a gel, then got going again. Got stopped for traffic a few times, Essa, Veterans, Veterans again. Essa again. But I take them as rest stops and re-enrgizes me. Along Mapleton and down the big hill to Ardagh and home. In total 14.7k in 1:16 for a 5:11 pace. The only hurting happend coming down the Mapleton hill, which has been the norm. Overall a good run and quite satisifed.

Had a quick shower afterwards, ate dinner and off to the show.
When we got to the cinema we found out that Paul was sold out, so we decided on Limitless. I had heard good things about it and it was the top grossing movie of last week so...
Great movie, and I wont tell you anymore.
Till the next installment.

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