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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday night Run in the Freezing Cold

Ok, when is this freezing cold weather ever going to stop? It was about -8C tonight, without the windchill and it was windy! I've had it up to here with this and the forecast isn't much better. Tomorrow I plan to go for a long, long run and it is going to be about -12C in the morning and breezy, so it ain't gonna be fun.
As for tonight, got off to a great start by forgetting my garmin (maybe a blessing in disguise). So off we went and it felt hard and cold, but we seemed to be going rather pedestrian like so I wasn't complaining. We did the Trailer park loop so it was around the bay to start. On th eother side I asked Theo what the pace was and he said we were about 4:53/k, I didn't want to be going that fast tonight and neihter did he. We tried to slow it down, but oliver and Rickymac pulled ahead (and they're running ATB on Sunday). Oh yeah, we left without Alan, he had phoned to say he was going to be late, but we wited an extra five minutes and no sign of him so we left. How does a guy without a job be always late? We saw him, and he saw us as he was pulling on to Bayfield at Lakeshore, so he knew where we were going.
We stopped on Holgate for a breather and alan caught up, after that the run seemed to get a little easier, especially on Innisfil St., no less windy or cold but...
We finished with the wind finally at our back and felt rather good, averaging 5:02 pace for 9.4k. A decent run.

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