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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mid Week Roundup

Well it’s a couple of days away from Joe Polcz pseudo 50 mile “fun” run from Barrie to Wasaga Beach and back. I am sure I am ready for it, although I wonder about the others that are attempting it. I’m still not sure who is, I know Catherine is and Joe, but beyond that I am sure that anyone else attempting to run will be only doing part of the distance.
Another thought is that I will be running most if not all by myself as I can’t run as slow as the others and I have been working on slower running, but I enjoy running by myself anyway.
The lead up to Saturdays run has been rather uneventful, I’ve had two runs this week, I took off Monday as a rest day which I definitely needed. Tuesday was a trail run through the bluffs on the regular route, but it felt hard. Last night I ran down to the Running Room, although initially I had planned on just driving down, but with the price of gas and all I figured what the hell and ran anyway. I again felt sluggish running down there, but when we started as a group it was a good comfortable run, or at least I thought it was. When I looked at my Garmin I realized we were doing a 4:45/km pace, a little fast for a longish midweek run. So I backed off and when I stopped for a walk Roger also stopped as well. We walked for a bit and got going again, but never really backed off the pace to much as the runners in front of us never got much further ahead. At Tiffin I cut away and headed home. 15k or so done. Not a bad run, but not the best either.
As part of my training I have been looking at going down to Ohio to run at least one of the Burning River group training runs that are scheduled on various parts of the course. I had planned on doing this last year, but never got a round to it. Maybe that was a premonition of what was to come. So this year I made it a priority to make it to at least one. As it turns out I can only make it to 2 of the 5 dates, the first one on May 21st and the last one on July 10th. Not sure about going to the last one yet, but we shall see. As for the first one, which runs the first 18.6 miles of the course, I have registered and booked a hotel so its now just a matter of getting down there and if anyone will come with me. Oliver had expressed some interest, but can’t now and Joan has found out that she has the Saturday off so it looks like she will come if she can make arrangements for her Friday shift. And last night Roger tells me he is in Ohio for work all next week and may join me. That would be good too.
Anyway next blog will come after the 50 mile run to Wasaga and back, talk to you then.

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