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Monday, May 9, 2011

T - 12 weeks

I seem to be finding that with all the running and a busy work schedule that blogging seems to be put way down on the priority list. So each time I blog its like trying to catch up with a weeks worth of activities, well not exactly, but it feels like it.
It’s just a little less than 12 weeks to Burning River and 3 weeks to Sulphur Springs and the 50 miler and after this past weekend I am feeling more confident about how things are going and how I am feeling, although the seeds of doubt always seem to be there.
Next Saturday is the Barrie to Wasaga and back 50 mile run organized by Joseph Polcz, not sure how I am going to approach it, but probably more of the same, slow and steady with lots of the required walking. Also I’m not sure how many runners will be participating, may only be a couple of us so I am sure I will be running by myself for most of it, which is what I have been doing for the most part anyway. I enjoy the solo runs especially when I have something to listen to. The following weekend is the first Burning River group run on the first 19 miles of the course, I have been thinking about going down for it as it will be very beneficial, but it may be a lonely drive as it seems no one is available to come down with me. A small sacrifice for something that I think is important. I wanted to do one last year and didn’t, I think that that was a sign. So this year it has become important. The only two I can make are the first and last one. The last one being on July 10th and running the last part of the course to the finish, another valuable run to get in. Just not sure I want to go down again that close to the race. We shall see.
As for this past mothers day weekend? Friday night or evening had a run with KevO, Oliver and Gregg, 10k that I felt pushed to hard, one of the problems of running with a group. You feel like you have to keep up with the others. Eventually I backed off did my own thing, still felt like a struggle.
Saturday was my longest solo run ever, 57k. It was a nice day and almost 1k into it I had to remove a layer which I had to put back on again later when the wind picked up, which cooled things off a bit. Later in the run, passing other runners dressed in just t-shirts, I felt over dressed, but I was comfortable. I justified the layers as I was comfortable and if it got too hot I could consider it acclimatizing to being too warm. Over all it was a good run, struggled a bit later, but still I was running. I stopped at about 40k, sat down and had a bagel with almond butter and jam. A good rest that picked me up big time. Nice also to get used to eating solid food and running.
Saturday night after Joan got off work we drove down to Oakville to get ready for the her running the Mercedes Benz 10k on Sunday morning. It was a beautiful day for a run and we saw Terry and Tracy there as well. Joan had a great run finishing in 52 minutes, Terry ran 42 minutes and Tracy 64 minutes. After wards a brunch at a local Irish pub and then off to the in-laws for a visit.
At about 1pm I started getting ready for a run to my step mums in Burlington. Mapping it out ahead of time I figured it would be about 24k, a good run on tired legs. It was a different experience running in a place I hadn’t run before (Oakville), but running past all the places I remembered as a kid, even going by the old high school. I ran out of water with about 5k to go, the hardest part too, all up hill on Guelph Line and Cavendish. Again a good run which added to my confidence. And I beat Joan over there too as she drove from her mums.

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