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Friday, May 20, 2011

A Little Spot of Trouble

Ohoh,I shouldn't have done that. Yeah well its too late now. Las tnight I decided to throw in an extra run, since the run on Wednesday was so crappy. So I got home and noone was home so yes, lets get out for a decent trail run. The only error of judgement was deciding to use my Vibrams. I hadn't used them in quite a few weeks and thought, "yeah it won't be a problem running about 13k with them, I ran at least that much last time"! Wrong!
I ran the trails and it felt really good, it was quite warm, humid in fact. But once I had crossed over Ardagh and onto the trails past the pipeline right of way I felt little twinges in the right calf, which seems to be my achilles heel at times. I ran on as it was just a bit of irritation. Came across Chad on the trails and we stopped and talked shortly, before I headed off again. I had tld him of the irritation and said to him I would turn around at the next corner, I didn't, Not that it would have mattered the strain would have come at some point regardless. I turned around thats when it hit, a sharp pain in the calf that stopped me in my tracks. I couldnt move, I tried to walk on it and it was no go. So I massaged it for a bit and that helped I walked again and the walking seemed to help the mr I wlked th ebetter it felt, but not enough to try running.
I got home an iced, but some Dr. Hoys magic potion on it and had some dinner. I had too much to do to sit around, so I mowed the lawn, go the Garbage ready and everything packed for the weekend. Finally sat down to relax after my shower and more icing, and sitting.
Hopefully everything will be ok for Saturday mornings trainng run. Roger has already backed out as he is stuck working longer than he thought he would. Lets hope it all works out.

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