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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Read and Run

Before I get onto my running exploits for another day, I need to recap about a few purchases that I have made lately. While in Sudbury last weekend I went into Chapters and as usual gravitated to the sports (read running) department and browsed a bit before picking up and buying “Born To Run” by Chris McDougall. It had been recommended by a few people and after reading the back of the book, I thought yeah, it sounds like it could be inspiring. So I picked it up and bought it.
Another book of interest that I ordered online directly from the author was “Relentless Forward Progress” by Bryon Powell. Well on Tueday it arrived in the mail as well as my Sacro Wedgy, so it was like Xmas for me. I also picked up a Blood Pressure monitor on the advice of my doctor to keep track of my blood pressure over the next few weeks. It has been a little high and may need some work to get it lower.
So I spent most of Tuesday evening reading about the BP monitor and the Wedgy, before hitting the Relentless Forward Progress book. I tried the Wedgy and it wasn’t uncomfortable and after twenty minutes got up and I believe I could feel the effect of it on my hips and upper glute area. This will take time to have an effect, but I will try it daily for now and see how it goes.
I tried the BP and once I figured out the machine gave it a go and yes BP is a little high 142/88. But I will monitor it over the next couple of weeks prior to my physical and deliver the results to the Doc.
The first couple of chapters of RFP are quite good, it is more or less a how to for ultra runners with lots of tips and views from different angles and perspectives. A good easy read.
Last night I ran to the running room and home again, almost 7k there. I over dressed and within minutes of starting had to take off a layer, it was windy but sunny and depending on which way you were running it could be cool or hot, well warm anyway. It was 7k to the RR and once there a large group of us left to do the Tollendal loop, but shortly after starting we lost Roger and Rick. Rick had a sore knee after doing speed work with Theo yesterday and Roger was having another one of those days. The run with the group seemed good at first, but I realized that I was going way too fast. Even when I slowed down and let everyone pass I was still doing under 5 min k’s. At the parking lot at Tollendal and Hurst I let everyone go that was still close to me and stopped to have a gel, then got going at my own pace. The way back was into the wind, but not uncomfortable. I cut off at Lakeshore and Tiffin for home and finished with almost 20k. The few k were a struggle which I blame purely on the faster pace early on. Either way a good day.

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