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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A New Hydration Vest and Three days rest!!

Yes I picked up a new hydration vest today, I had seen the new Salomon vest advertised and it seemed to perfect, but I wanted to try it on and as Running Free had it and I was going to be in that area on Wednesday I thought I would pay them a visit. I tried it on and bought it. It was a little expensive as far as vest go, but it is $30 cheaper than in the US. I talked to the guy at the cash and he said he trail tested it last year at UTMB and loved it. Good enough for me. See pic:

I figured that three days off after running 50 miles was probably a good thing if not a good reward for doing it, but by Tuesday I was already itching to run. Wednesday was the day when I would actually get out for a run and I was sure that I would get out the door just float along the road. Well not quite. I decided that I would a longish midweek run in and run down to the Running Room again, I had already decided that it was a down week so there was no pressure to go nuts. I left the house with my new hydration vest and as soon as I got on the road I felt lethargic and started feeling aches all over. Running felt difficult! I tried to run easy, but you know me, it was more of what felt comfortable, but nothing felt comfortable to day. It was a nice day if not a bit humid, and I was dripping wet by the time I completed my 4.6k down to the Running Room. After a quick rest stop we grouped together and decided on the Owen loop, up the hill we went, Theo, Terry, Dr. John, Little John, Rick, Rhonda and myself. Not long after starting the usual groups splintered off with me and Rick at the back. Rick was just coming off the Toronto Marathon and would be doing the Whitby Marathon this coming weekend, so he was taking it easy too. This part of the run didn’t improve my feelings at all and the humidity seemed to get worse. I finished off with the Rick said good bye to the group and off I trudged home. I finished the 19k not feeling good about the run and wondering if it was because I had taken too much time off! Who knows. When I got home it was more of the same as I felt very tired, showered and lay on the couch for a while.

On a positive note, the vest worked very well. It felt a little tight at first, but like a lot of things I try eventually I didn’t even notice it. A two thumbs up for this item, which I will probably where in Burning River. It only carries 1.5 litres as opposed to the older one I have which carries 2 litres, but I figure I won’t need as much because of all of the aid stations. This weekend I think I will go with the older one as I will want to carry more.

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