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Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend of Easy Running

After last Wednesday's run I was a little concerned as both knees were showing signs of fatigue and I was afraid that I might do some damage. Friday nights run with Roger and Theo was good, but still a little pain the right knee, otherwise felt good. So going into Saturday's run I was a little apprehensive. I decided to run out Ardagh to Hwy 27, to 90 then up to Edgehill and then up the Ferndale Hill by the dump. I have to start getting some hill work in, so no time like the present. As it turned out I felt great, it was a bit breezy so I dressed warmer than I should have as once I ran with the wind at my back I got too warm. The Ferndale hill was no problem and after that it was just a matter of how far will I go. Once I came down the hill at Sunnidale I decided that it was time to head back, the knees were starting to feel it. Ended up with 19k and finished feeling good. After refueling, I went to Costco and bought a 32inch TV for the living room and spent the next couple of hours setting up . Saturday night was the Costco Xmas party and wouldn't you know it, we won a 32inch Samsung TV. So Sunday I spent unhooking the one I bought and took it back.

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