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Monday, December 22, 2008

Another "Winter" Run

At least it is actually winter now. so that we can legitimately complain about what a crappy winter we are having. This weekend was another round of lousy running conditions. Fridays snow saw us get sent home from work early. That hasn't happened to me since the early 80's. So I went home thinking that running was out of the question and began to clear out the drive way. By the time I was done the sun was trying to come out, so I'm thinking maybe I could get out for a run, although the conditions wouldn't be ideal. I got changed and just before heading out the door Kevin mentioned Roger called to say he wouldn't be there. So as he would be the only one (other than me) to be foolish enough to go out in this, I decided not to go. As it turned out Theo and Hellaina both showed up.
Saturday the Sun was out and I took advantage of it and ran 20k, it wasn't the best, but it would turn out to be better than Sunday. That night Victoria arrived home from England for the holidays, after a long, long series of flights, delays etc.
Sunday I ran from home, met everyone at the RR and then ran home. The roads were slippery, snow covered, it was cold and windy. Just plain terrible. Although on the way home the sun came out and it actually got to warm. More snow today, more snow forecast for tomorrow and the day after... And it's not even January yet. This is going to be a long hard winter.

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