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Friday, October 10, 2008

Wednesday to Friday

Wednesday's run was a fairly good "easy" run with Brendan and Terry. Terry is running really well and was running great on Wednesday considering he ran a PB in the PEC Marathon on Sunday. The run ended up a little quicker than planned, surprise? No. Still it felt fairly good except for a bit of a twinge in the left groin.
Last night I took it easy and watched the Leafs beat Detroit, alright, great start. Lets start planning the Stanley Cup Parade. LOL.
Tonight I'm going to run down to the Running Room and if no one is there I'll run home again. I'll probably make it a tempo or fartlek run. See if I have any trouble with a quicker pace 1 week from Indy. Sunday is suppoed to be a 16k marathon pace run, we shall see.

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