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Friday, October 24, 2008

Recovery week? Yeah right.

Again I am not doing what the experts recommend. Rest and recovery after a marathon. I guess it the thought that in 4 weeks I'll be running the JFK 50 mile run, about 30k further than I have ever run before.
Ok, so I didn't run Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday I ran with the usual crew and some new faces. A nice "easy" 11k, then I played hockey (first time this year). The first couple of shifts were tough, but after a while it got easier and then my back started to hurt a bit.
Last night for some reason I decided I needed to get out and do a bit of distance. So I put on my trail shoes and ran a mix of trails and road and finished in the dark doing 17.5k. Right hamstring was fairly tight at the end, but is ok today. Lower back is still fairly stiff. Tonight I will go out to the Running Room, I was thinking of running down there, you know to save the environment and get in MORE miles. We'll see.

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