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Monday, June 13, 2011

Running, OUCH!!!! and shopping.

It wasn’t the best weekend, at least running wise. I did get some shopping accomplished for Kevin on Sunday.
Friday night I figured I’d get an extra distance in and run to the Running Room and back, it was a decent run except again, as usual, when running with the group which was too fast. Running home felt good. I t was a decent 19k in, but was it too much for my Saturday morning run.
I didn’t bother setting the alarm. I would just get up whenever and get ready and go for my run when I was ready. As has been the case recently I was up early anyway, but didn’t rush myself, but I was still out the door by 8 am. I had everything ready, camel back full with my Clip 2 drink, gels, S Caps and my phone for listening to tunes. I started with the Ferndale to Edgehill, Miller, 90, 27, Ardagh loop before heading down Patterson to Tiffin and around the lake. I wasn’t feeling to bad at this point and then headed via Tollendal to Hurst and Big Bay Point and Pine Drive. I was struggling to remember to take my gels and S Caps for some reason. But when I would feel tired or sluggish that would be enough to jog the memory. It was quite a bit warmer out than I had anticipated and with a long sleeve shirt on I was sweating profusely. I was tiring too, walking a lot more than I planned. I thought I’d run all the way along Mapleview and go to Bear Creek School and check out the track to see if it is suitable for speed work. Not that I am planning on it, but there isn’t a decent track in town and I thought while I’m out I’ll check it out. By the time I got there I was out of fluids (note to self, longer runs use larger camel back). The track wasn’t the best, but no worse than any of the others.
It was only 5k or so to home so the lack of fluids wasn’t too much of a problem and made it in just under 4 hours which was the plan, more or less. After measuring on google maps (Garmin is still dead) I figured it was just over 40k. So all in all it was a good run statistically speaking, but I hadn’t felt good about the feeling during the run. But we all have those days, at least I do. Some good, some not so good.
So Sunday morning would be a little shorter run and nice and easy, or so I thought!
I get up (again with out alarm) and start breakfast. Cup of tea ready to go, I take the tea bag out and go to put it in the green bag and reach down and… arghhhhhhhh. My back just about gave way as I had shooting pains through the lower back. I was in absolute pain. I managed to make it to the living room and get down to lay on the floor and that felt good, but I was still not quite comfortable. As much as it hurt and I was rather immobilized, I was still thinking about getting out for my run. It was another half hour before I realized, no, that ain’t gonna happen today! So maybe a rest day would be good.
I moped around the rest of the morning before getting Kevin up out of bed, so I could take him shopping for clothes that he most desperately needed and to get him ready for Craig and Kristin’s wedding next Saturday.
I took a Super Motrin after the back incident (later I would switch to Rabaxocette) and tried to keep comfortable, checking out what was new in the internet world and reading.
I eventually was able to get about enough to go and get gas at Costco, before coming home and making sure Kevin was ready.
We went out finally at about 2:30 and went straight to Moore’s got Kevin fitted with a suit and as it turned out it was 2 for 1, so I got one too. Shirts, ties and shoes and we were all set. Now on to the mall and got him some Jeans, to Old Navy for some shirts and then Payless shoes for new everyday shoes for him. All that done in about 2 hours.
Over all a successful weekend, except for the back, which is slowly getting better. I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) so hopefully that will help.

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