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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mosies Galore!!

I had forgotten what it was like to run through the woods on a hot day just prior to twilight and the hazards that lurk everywhere out there. The hazards being the bugs, mosquitoes, horse flies etc. Initially I hadn’t planned on going for a run last night, but with work commitments possible taking up the next few evenings I thought I should try and squeeze in a run. I had just bought a new pair of Wildcats so, it was time to try them out. Although as I already run in them, there shouldn’t be any surprises with them. So off I went and yes it was quite warm, but not too bad, the one advantage to running a little later. Initially I didn’t notice the bugs as I wasn’t stopping, but I knew they were out there waiting for me to drop my guard. I crossed Ferndale into the muddiest and darkest jungle around our parts and it was still muddy even though it had been drying up a bit. Only one great big puddle to get around, out of the bush and along Sommerset to the next wooded area to Ardagh, across the road to the gas right of way and back in to the woods again the first “hill”. This is where I noticed the bugs gnawing on me and thought I better get running again, from here on in it was keep running unless I hit an open area where the bugs won’t follow. I got to my turn around and decided to take a quick breather and a drink. Wow, the bugs were al over me in seconds, must be the rich English blood I guess. Voom, off I went again, being chased by the hoards. As I ran back I kept thinking that I have at least 4 good hills, which I haven’t run totally since last year, so I may have to sacrifice my body if I decide to walk part of the hills. But I didn’t and ran all of them rather than get eaten alive. Overall it felt really good to have done what I hadn’t done in a long while , but after shower I was zonked out. Extremely tired and showing a few good bites for merit.

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