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Friday, June 24, 2011

Night Run to Orillia...

Well tonight is the second annual night run to Orillia and back I’m assuming its an annual event now!! Its shaping up to be that way, I guess it depends on what races some of us will be doing in the future.
We had a lot of fun last year doing this and there are few different faces on board for this year’s event. Unfortunately Theo has had to back out as of last night, due to work commitments, but Catherine is doing the whole shebang this year and Bill will be out helping her on the run back. Brendan is running out with me, along with Rick who was with us last year. Roger will be my lone companion for the run back, but he is good company and enjoyed last years run.
The only difference this year maybe the weather. Last year it was clear and very mild, 18C was the low over night. This year it is looking like it may be wet and a little cooler. The forecast is for rain showers and a low of 15C, still not bad as long as it isn’t rain all night.
I just have to make sure I have all I need ready,. I haven’t prepared well for this. It was just night when I started putting together the items I would need. Let’s see, Shoes, clothes, a change of clothes both for the turn around and afterwards, hats, gels, SCaps, Camelback, mix my Clip-2 drink for the Camelback and extra for later, some food, lights, batteries…

Should be a good night. More to follow.

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