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Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Weekend

This coming Sunday (22nd) is the 31st annual Peterborough Half Marathon. I haven't done this race in quite a few years and the course has changed, supposedly flatter and faster. Although I'm not sure you can run fast in Peterborough in February. As it turns the weather may not be in our favour, with it calling for snow and cold temps. The last time I did this race we had a flash freeze in the middle of the race, snow covered roads and windy. The years before that I ran in shorts, unbelievable for February. Well it won't be shorts this year. I know Jamie was looking for me to pace him in for a sub 1:30, but I think that may be a challenge if the roads are snow covered.
My lead to this race has been quite good. A couple of my usual hilly, tempo runs (15k) the past couple of weeks a speed work out on the treadmill last week. I'll have another run on Friday and that will be it. The beauty of Peterborough is the race doesn't start until 12:30pm. Even driving from Barrie we can still sleep in and get there in plenty of time.
The shoes I won at Ghost Town finally arrived on Tuesday (Saucony Paramounts). So as I was alone at home after work I decided to take them for a test run (the 15k hilly tempo run mentioned above). They felt good, comfortable on the feet. I'm not sure if I'll wear them on Sunday or not though.
1 week and 2 days and we're off to the Dominican (Samana for 7 days). Looking forward to some sun and warm temperatures. Nothing but RnR.

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