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Monday, February 23, 2009

Snowy Peterborough

I have been having trouble trying to understand how a I feel about my result on Sunday. Although conditions were not ideal, it was a flat course and the second half the roads were fairly well clear of snow. So by rights I should have run a good second half and I thought a sub 1:30 was possible. Other than the last 4 - 5k I struggled to get into a good rythym for most of the race.
The hour before the race we watched the blizzard like conditions outside of the YMCA, switched shoes and debated on whether or not to change clothes. I settled on the trail shoes (XT wings) and for going the jacket. The temperature was not bad, about -1C, but there was a strong wind form the south west. By the time we got to the start line the sun came out and it felt nice. We met Rick, Tracey and Jim at the start area and got ready to go. The first half of the race was a case of looking for good footing as everything was snow covered and slippery, but we were close to maintaining a 4:15/km pace. At about 4k Brendan took off, I either couldn't or didin't have the desire to chase him (more likely the latter). At about the same time I guess I was pulling away from Jamie too. As well as the slippery footing we had to battle the head wind to the turn around. The route back should have been easier with the wind at our back and most of the snow cleared from the road, but it didn't seem to matter. Brendan was now out of sight. With about 5k to go I felt a surge and pushed harder and finished strong coming in at 1:31:57. Brendan finished in 1:28 and Jamie was only about 15 seconds behind me, so he finished very strong. Jamie's time was a PB. Mine was my 12th best time in half, and considering that the last time I ran this race was in 1:32 on a tougher course in much worse conditions, it makes a overall dissapointing result. Why? I don't know. I had no aspirations going into the race, so I hsouldn't be dissapointed. Maybe it as the shoes, although I think they were required for the first half, the Xt wings tend to be heavier and stiffer. Anyway now I know where I stand, and that more work is to be done. But that will have to wait, as I have a week in the Dominican coming up this Saturday and there will be no running going on, just lots of rest and relaxation.

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