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Friday, April 17, 2009

One Week till Country Music (Arrgh)

This time next week I'll be in Nashville preparing for the Country Music Marathon. Other than the Country Music part, it will be nice to run in another part of the world I haven't seen before. One problem that is looming on the horizon is the long range forecast. 26C and humid, not good. I don't handle racing in the heat and especially the humidity very well.
I'm going down with Rick and Bill. Bill is trying to qualify for Boston and needs 3:15 so I should be able to pace him in for a qualifying time, if everything goes well. Bill has been struggling with some knee issues and my left foot hurt after last Sunday's long run. So we shall see. Wednesday's run went really well though.

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Marci said...

Good luck at Nashville. I ran it last year and it was hot, but alot of fun!