STRAVA Summary

Monday, January 26, 2009


I week has gone by since Ghost Town and the recovery has been good. Struggled a bit last week, but ran 17k yesterday in the cold and felt good.
Some other developments last week: Went to Running Free to check out shoes so that I could order something from Fleet Feet in Albuquerque. I was thinking of trail shoes to replace the XT wings as the one lace had broke and they were approaching the end of their life anyway. In talking to the Rep at Running Free she told me that the Laces are not supposed to break under any circumstance because they are Kevlar laces and to bring them in and they would replace them. So I did and they did. I couldn't believe it, I now have a bran new pair of XT wings for nothing.
Also ordered a pair of Saucony Paramount shoes from New Mexico, should be here in about 4 weeks.

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