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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Post Bighorn and knee issues

They say you should rest 1 day for every mile you ran in a race to have a proper recovery. I’ve never thought that way myself and had no intention of it after Bighorn. After all, 100 days without running would be a bit too much. I was running about 10 days later after the initial swelling of my feet finally went down. The blisters and trench foot on the bottom of both feet took a little longer to go away, but I was able to run, gingerly, and got back at it. Then I was sucked into the July Challenge of running every day of the month. May be not a good idea!

I started running every day in July shortly after getting back at it. My left knee was still bothering somewhat, but it seemed to bother me less if I ran, than if I walked. So the I ran. Some run s weren’t as comfortable as others, but it gave me an opportunity to run to and from work too. After a week of this I stopped as my knee seemed to be getting worse.
I’d had my MRI the previous Saturday and was awaiting the results. I’d also signed up for Limberlost 56k in a moment of weakness. On Thursday, the 9th of July I ran trails with Rickymac and found that my knee was not feeling good. That cemented my decision not to run Limberlost. This race has been going on for 6 years and I have yet to run it. Usually due to schedule conflicts, but this year it was my knee.

On Monday I got my results for the MRI. The original thought was that it would be a meniscus tear, but as it turned out that wasn’t the case. My meniscus, ligaments, and cartilage are all in great shape. The problem is my knee cap not tracking right, causing some osteoarthritis. With this I get swelling on the knee, which has been excessive. With allthis swelling I’ve also had a Baker’s Cyst form in behind my knee, adding to the uncomfortable feeling. The Cyst has ruptured at some point and some fluid has drained down into my calf.

Positives? No surgery required. Negatives, still have a problem. Seeing Trish for physio on Tuesday had me feeling good as she says we just need to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee, specifically on the outside. So I have a few exercises to do. If this doesn’t make a difference over the next month the Sports Med doctor said she would give me a cortisone shot in my knee to help with the swelling.

So now I have until October 31st to get better and trained for Javelina.

First up though is our wedding this weekend!

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