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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Goodbye March!!!

Last week I realized that it was only about 12 weeks until I run the Bighorn 100 in Wyoming. Although I have been getting in some decent mileage I was knocked back a bit last week with the dreaded “Man Cold”. I’d had a sore throat the week before and expected something, but I was hit hard and took 2 days off work. Last week, the only day I ran was Friday. I felt good running, but once I was done I felt like crap and realized that it was a mistake to run. I therefore took off the rest of the weekend from running. It was another cold weekend anyway and I really didn’t feel like running in the cold.
This week I thought I should actually put together a training schedule too. I can’t remember the last time I used an actual training schedule, but I figured that having it on paper I’m less likely to miss or skip a run. So here it is:

In another 4 weeks I will have O24 and hope to get about 100 miles there and thent he Horse Capital Marathon 2 weeks after that. Then it’s clear sailing until Bighorn.

There is a lot of high mileage (as far as I am concerned) in this schedule and its been a while since I’ve done this much.

The weather is improving somewhat, but winter is still trying to hang on with some sub freezing days still in the forecast, usually aligning to my long runs. I’m still not quite over the cold, but at least I can get out and run now.

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