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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Year Ahead

Well I have posted the races that I have committed too on the left for this year, not necessarily paid for yet, but race I plan on doing for sure. There will probably be a few more local ones too, like Creemore and maybe sulphur Springs 50 miler.
The big races are The Bear 100 and Vermont. Vermont is a redemption race, unfinished business after not finishing in 2012. The Bear being my main goal race. I'll also be running the Harricana race in Quebec which is really interesting. A good warm up for the Bear.
I'm a little concerned about the Snowshoe marathon in March, as I have never raced on snowshoes. But whatever happens, happens. Back to the Green Jewel again for the 4th year running. Always a good warm up for the year ahead.
Let the games begin!!!

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