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Friday, May 24, 2013

Just over one week to go to Kettle Moraine 100, so I guess I should be getting organized! I have started preliminary plans, but I have a lot to do yet.
The taper is well under way with a couple of runs left to do, but I’m not fretting about that at all. I will run tonight (Thursday) and Sunday and I won’t be doing any great distance either. It’s all about rest now and regaining any lost strength, fueling and getting my brain on track mentally. I think I’m there, but you never now. I thought I was mentally ready last year at Vermont, but that didn’t work out quite as planned. This will be different though as I learned from Vermont and I’m not looking to do a specific time goal; it’s just about completing the race.

This weekend I will go down to Sulphur Springs and cheer Joan on while she does the 25k race there. She is running really well now and has a lot more confidence in her running which is great to see. There will be a number of Barrie runners taking part doing most of the distances. The weather is supposed to be quite cool, so I would imagine that there will be a lot of good times.

Sunday will be a day to start putting my gear together. What to bring? I will get everything organized in the garage and set to pack. Make a few lists to make sure I’m not forgetting anything and my crew (Joan and Oliver) will be meeting to make sure they are both on track.

I won’t much time next week to put things together as I will be up north for work on Monday and Tuesday and then we leave on Thursday morning.
The drive will be split up so that we stop in Kalamazoo on Thursday night. Then we only have a 3 – 4 hour drive on Friday morning. Kalamazoo has a local running store that will have a presentation by Max King on Thursday night on his ultra-exploits. Good timing on our part!

I was hoping for cool weather next weekend, but at the moment the long term forecast is for typically very warm weather.

My only worry is not being acclimatized to hot humid weather. It was very humid last night for my run, but the temperature was not too warm. That is my only exposure to it this year so far. I have to remember to just take it easy and not woryy about running fast. Its all about completing the race, not the time I do it in.

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Anonymous said...

hey keith

good luck down south and safe travels.
good seeing u guys on sunday