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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Two Weeks till 24 hours

Yep, it's only two weeks until I line up at the O24 24 hour race just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. This will be my 2nd go at a 24 hour race and this time Joan will join me, but not in support, but as a competitor herself. As Joan is herself training for a 50 miler in September she would love to get some mileage in this weekend too and what better way to do it than to run all or most of the night!
So the training has been difficult, mainly due to the weather, which hasn't been pleasant to say the least. Spring never seems to want to get here, every weekend run seems to be a cold wind run. Never the less, I have still put in some good mileage. One of the questions I have been asking myself of late is what is "enough mileage"? Is it necessary to put 100k+ weeks? I would feel better about myself if I got a number of weeks of 100k+, but at the same time there is the thought that although running a lot of mileage during the week will add up, sometimes you need the extra rest time to recover from the weekend long runs. So therefore I am not to worried about the numbers. I have read many different views on what mileage is best, and it is all over the place. What works for one may not work for the other.
So as for O24, the goal is to try and get to 100 miles, but it is not necessary. This is a training run for the 100 milers to come and to work on some of the important support stuff, like nutrition.
The course is a 1 mile loop, so easy to keep track of your progress. It is also a trail and not entirely flat, which is a good thing as far as I am concerned. Joan is hoping to get in 100k, which may be a tough number to get to, but when you have 24 hours to do it... The main thing is that there is no pressure.


chris mcpeake said...

I am in a constant state of what is to much mileage. So difficult to figure out as it is really very individual. Good luck with the race.

PS patagonia store is on King West between spadina an bathurst. I had no idea it was there until the guest lecture

Kelly Wald said...

Hey Keith, sounds like a neat training run & nice to get out of town, I hope you and Joan have fun. Wow am I with you on the weather here lately. I'd love to chat with you and Joan about what you do for nutrition as I'm really just starting to get to a place where I need to think about it more for some of the stuff I'm doing.