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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back to Back Weekend

This coming weekend will mark the first time in two years that I will be running a marathon, almost to the day. Two years ago I ran the Lochness marathon in Inverness Scotland on October 3rd and then a week later I ran Munich. Both great events which I ran with Ricky Mac. This weekend I will travel down to Dover, Delaware with Ricky Mac and Oliver to do the Monster Mash Marathon on Saturday and the Atlantic City Marathon on Sunday. My first Back to Back in about 3 years. In for a penny in for a pound.
When Rick asked me a few months ago if I’d be interested in going I thought that this would be a good preparation for the JFK 50 Mile in November. I hope to rest on my training for North Coast a few weeks ago as I haven’t done a lot of distance since then, 32k a week ago followed by 20k the next day. Oliver signed up last weekend and it should be a good road trip with no intentions on PB’s or anything like that.
Dover is a small race with, at last count, only 188 runners registered for the marathon. Atlantic City will be a redemption run as I attempted this race a few years ago and only got through the first mile when my calf blew up on me. So hopefully this race will go better.
How am I feeling? Not bad. My right knee has been acting up lately, but I attributed that to some of the strength work I was doing, specifically the Sumo Squats. So I have stopped doing those and there is an improvement, but the problem is not so much with what I am doing, but more of an inherent problem. I went to Physio yesterday and Shaun told me that with the slight deformities in my right lower leg (foot stick out normally and apparently I have a curve in my tibia) cause some issues. So back to doing some physio exercises that manipulate the glutes into working properly. Lunges, starting with small amounts of movement to get the technique and posture correct. I’m continuing with the core work and strength (not the week before a race though).
So Thursday late afternoon we head off and will stop part way down to Dover for the night before driving the rest of the way on Friday, so that we are not rushed. It’s a two hour drive between Dover and AC so that should be easy!!!
After the race on Sunday it will be pack up and on our way to Scranton to stop the night at the Hampton Inn. Apparently Rick has stopped there before and it is a nice hotel with a bar that has $2 pints. Drive home on Monday. Simple as that!!!!

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