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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Post Vermont Activities

Although I'm still licking my wounds after Vermont, I have been busy and slowly getting back into the running. The weekend following Vermont we went down to Ohio to volunteer for Burning River. An early Friday morning (4am) asn we were off to get to Cayuhoga Falls for the registration and hung around all afternoon for that. The next morning we volunteered at the second aid station at Gates Mills and met lots of good people there and cheered on and helped all the runners coming through. We saw some friends that were running too, including Scott Garrett attempting to complete number 7 of 12 100 milers this year. After we packed up just after 8am, we went back to the hotel for breakfast and then back to bed for a good nap as we had gotten up at 4:30 am. About 8 hours sleep over 2 nights. Once we got up we went out to do some shopping and then to follow the runners out there. I bought a pair of Hoka's to try as they had been recommended and I was at the point of willing to try anything. I stopped by the Station Rd. aid station to see Bob King and say hi and then caught up with some of the runners at Happy Days aid station at 65 miles. Scott was struggling at this point and his crew, Jocelyn Briggs and pacer Ken Moon were waiting for him. That was it for us, we went back to the hotel after a long day. Scott finished in 26 hours and 22 minutes or so. We did get a couple of runs in while there. One run on Saturday on the roads around Beachwood, beautiful area. Then on Sunday we ran on the BR100 course from Polo Fields for about 12k.
Last Weekend I was asked to try a bike rid ein Algonquin Park. New friend Bryan aske dme to do Gate to Gate and if possible to gate again. A total of about 112k, which is almost double what my longest ride ever was. We went up Saturday and checked into our hotel in Huntsville and then off to Bryan and Janette's hotel on the edge of the park. The to meet the rest of the riders who were group camping in the park. There was about 20 or so in total.
The next morning we met at Bryan and Janette's hotel and thenwere off to the campground. Bryan and I would start at 7:30 from the camp ground entrance to get a head start. Neither of us are experienced riders and wanted to get a head start. We would meet the rest at the East gate for the group picture.
We rode well and got through some of the early hills with no problem and made the first 19.5k in about 46 miutes. Gradually the rest of th erides caught up and those that were only riding gate to gate arrived in vehicles with their bikes. After pictures we were soon on the go.
Although some of the hills were tough it was a good ride to the other end of the park. There were a couple of rest stops on the way, which I believe were very helpful. I got to the west gate feeling very good. 76k done and only 36 to go. The next 15k I rode hard as it was a little easier going. more down hills. But the last section is where i started to really suffer and struggle. It was riding with Bryan for the last 6k that really helped. The rain came dowm for the last kilometer or so and we got drenched. but it was a great day and we enjoyed something a little different. THanks to Joan and Jannette for their support an dpciture taking skills.

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