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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Its time for another instalment in my not so frequent posts about my running, my training and generally how things are going. So how are things going? Very well, I say tentatively. I say it tentatively because I always think that maybe something will go wrong just around the corner. I shouldn't think that way, but when you've been through all the aches and pains I've been through over the past couple of years...
Things have been going well though. The mileage has been up and down, but I'm still ahead of last year at this point with nothing negative to complain about. The weather has been cooperating for the most part. Early spring has given way to a late cold spell, but there is no snow on the ground so the trails are open and all is good.
Yes trails! the trails have been wide open for a few weeks or more and I was finally able to get out on them and it felt so good to be running on dirt instead of pavement or cement. Two weeks ago I drove to Ancaster to do a loop of the Sulphur Springs course. I had been thinking of doing more, but I had been out there for a while showing a slower group the trail, and just as well as most of them had no idea where they were going. At the end of the loop I ran the hill hard and felt good doing it. The rain had started to come down hard and I decided enough was enough and that was good for the day. The trails there were in great shape, mostly dry with only a few muddy sections in the second half. Easy compared with last years quagmire. Not that I'm complaining.
Also got out on the Pick Your Poison course last Sunday for a good run. Did 2 loops there for about 24k. again the trails are in amazing shape. FIrst time I've used my Garmin to follow a trail. Yes, I downloaded the course off the internet and loaded it on the Garmin and set it up. It wasn't easy to see the map on the screen with my old guy eyesight, but it worked and would tell me when I got off course, which we did a few times on the first loop. A good turnout for the run on a gorgeous day.
On Good Friday I ran with Rick and Oliver as we did the rail trail out and back for 36k. Another good run with JVH offering support along the way.
I picked up a pair of Sketchers Gorun shoes last weekend too. They felt so good and light and I finally got to run in them last night. A different feel for sure, they promote a mid foot strike and I could feel the difference. When I was done I could feel the muscle fatigue in places where I usually don't. Overall I was impressed. It will be interesting to see how many miles I can get on them and how far I can run on them for my long runs.
I was checking up on the races I have signed up for and the ones I am thinking of signing up for and it is quite the schedule. 9 Races of at least marathon distance and 5 more I am thinking about. THere maybe more too. THis morning I signed up for the Monster Mash Marathon in Dover, Delaware and the Atlantic City Marathon. Back to back marathons in October. I haven't done a marathon since October of 2010, but got talked into it by Rickymac. It didn't take a lot of arm twisting.

Next up is Pick Your Poison on the 28th of this month. A good course except for the fact that it is 4 loops to make 50k. I hate multiple loop courses, but it is close and there will be lots of others there that I know doing it.

Before PYP though is the Ontario Ultra Series warm up event. I did this last year and had a lot of fun on a very hilly course.

Hope to refresh this blog again sooner than later, so until then...


chris mcpeake said...

Count your self lucky you only did 1 loop of sulphur, we were out for 2 and the trails got muddy fast when the rain started.
Might see you at the warm up but if not will be at PYP for sure.

KeithRunsUltras said...

I think I saw you going out for your (1st or 2nd) loop. I was looking forward to another loop as I took it very easy on the first one. But when that rain started, I thought F@#$ it, its warmer in the car. IF the weather stays as it has PYP trails will be the best they've ever been. See you soon.