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Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Starts with a Sick Day

Well after bragging to everyone over the past few months about how I never get sick, guess what? Yep, I've got a cold. Not a full blown illness or the flu or anything, but enough to come how early from work yesterday and stay home today. It is one of those head colds where you know you can get things done, but nothing seems to be working properly and the more I stayed at work the worse I felt, so I went home to bed and rested. It seemed to help a bit as I still went for a run last night and it was a good run. The weather had turned sharply colder and I was worried I'd feel it more, but once we got going it was a good one. Another thing that got me out for the run was committing to the February Challenge - 29 leagues in a month. The idea is to run everyday in February at least 1 league, which is about 3 miles or just under 5k. So sick or not I decided I had to go out anyway. I got 10k in. Today maybe a bit more of a challenge, its colder and I am still sick and at home. I have to go out and get a few things at the store anyway, so I will see how I feel after that. It is also a swimming night. Swimming usually makes me feel better, at least afterwards, not during!!! LOL. This coming Saturday the forecast is promising so hopefully I can get in a good 35k, followed by 25k on Sunday. THe next couple of weekends will be the last few long runs before tapering for Green Jewel. Hope the weather keeps co-operating.

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