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Monday, November 21, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Well again I have been very negligent in updating my blog, so I will try to recap what has been going on since my last entry in October.  It should be quite quick as I haven’t been doing a lot.
Races: I’ve done none since the Borden Half, but I have registered for a couple. I believe I had already blogged about signing up for the North Coast 24 hour race in September of next year in Cleveland. Since then I have registered for the Vermont 100 mile endurance race at the end of July. Crewed there last year for Catherine and found it to be a great event that made me think about wanting to run it, so now it’s done. On November 12th I registered for the Western States 100 lottery. I figured I might as well try now as I probably won’t get in at the first attempt, and the more you try the better your chances. The lottery application process ends on November 26th and the lottery itself takes place on December 10th. The race is June 23 – 24th.  I would love to get in and make a holiday out of it.  Other than that I haven’t signed up for anything else as I will wait to see what will happen with WS100 first.

  On the injury front I had a problem with the lower back which would radiate down the left (yes left for a change) leg. This wouldn’t bother my running at all or wasn’t caused by my running. It was literally a pain when sitting, driving. Luckily with some ART from Dr. Frank and some exercises it is much better. Another chronic problem was the bursitis on my right heel which has steadily got worse, so finally I went to Sean (my Physio) and set me on my way with some exercises, Dr. Frank also helped out, albeit somewhat painfully. That problem, although still a problem, is also getting better. With the advent of all these issues and a few old ones I decided maybe it was time for some down time. So I have backed off my running to just 3 times a week and the long run on Sunday has been about 20k + only. So I have only been running about 40 to 45k a week.  I have also been doing a regular bowflex routine 3 times a week too, trying to build some strength where I need it.

  The running has been good Wednesdays and Fridays have usually been quicker than I have been running lately. If I can keep it up my speed may improve and I’ll be ready to get into increased distance and tempo work come the new year.  The plan is to start building my base up to long distances again, I wouldn’t mind doing the Green Jewel 50k again, but we will see if I can be ready for March. That might be asking a lot. Work on speed and strength, which are the two things I think I have been missing.

  Races I am interested in for next year:  Sulphur Springs 50 mile again, as are most of the Ontario ultra series, not sure about Seaton after last years wash out though. But how much worse could it get? Hahaha.
I guess returning to Burning River is out of the question now as Vermont is the week before.  Dirty girls is definitely an idea this year finally. Otherwise I am going to have to keep my options open. As usual, vacation time is always a limiting factor. We shall see.

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